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There are times when parishioners of Our Lady of Lourdes need a notice sent at the last minute, such as when Fr. Phil cannot get to Wellfleet to celebrate a Mass.  In this situation, a notice is put on the home page of our  website for all to see.  Sometimes, however, people are not able to get to the website so this alternate method should help with that problem.
The way it works is this: you send your CELL PHONE number to the webmaster and later when a notice is needed, you will be sent a text message describing what the situation at hand is.  This will be done for all people who provide a cell phone number for this purpose.  Please click on the 'eMail the Webmaster' button below to forward your cell phone number.  After you have been registered, you will receive a confirmation text to confirm that the setup is working properly.

Some people do not have a cell phone or do not have a cell phone that receives texts. For those people an eMail can be sent. When you sign up for Mass Cancellation notices be sure to indicate if you want an eMail notice instead of a phone text, a phone text is much faster. If you don't let me know, the announcement will not work because the message will be sent to a cell phone that may not exist.

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